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Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona Career Tribute


Lionel Messi + Cristiano Ronaldo + Kaka


Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting!

Matt Hamilton

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NFL Team In LA: A Real Possibility, Who Would You Want To See

NFL Team Los Angeles

The plan to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles is in the works. On Tuesday, Los Angeles City Council voted to approve a nonbinding agreement with a developer to build a $1.2 billion stadium. The stadium called “Farmers Field” would be privately funded and have more than 72,000-seats. The location they’re talking about is just south of Staples Center, which would open in 2016. The new stadium would create 14,000 construction jobs and 6,300 permanent ones. Now the NFL must decide if there will be a team. Under the agreement, if no team, no stadium.

NFL Legend: Too Many Football Players Die Young Need To See Why

NFL Legend Warren Moon says that too many NFL players die young. In this EsNewsReporting video Moon says it needs to be looked into.

Former NFL Star Talks Michael Vick, Floyd Mayweather & Boxing vs MMA

Former NFL star Tim Brown talks to EsNewsReporting about the NFL Michael Vick and Floyd Mayweather.

The Pump Brothers & Sports Stars Help Fight Cancer

Some of the biggest names in sports from Mike Tyson to Sugar Ray Leonard to baseball great¬†Pete Rose and NBA’s John Wall took part in the 11th annual Herold Pump foundation gala, which raises money to fight cancer.

In this video we talk to David and Dana Pump and some of the stars check it out:



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