Chris Arreola vs. Vitali Klitschko II By The End Of 2013?

Back in September of 2009, Vitali Kllitschko scored a Referee’s Technical Decision victory over Chris Arreola. I was at the fight, as well as at the post fight press conference.

Arreola was very emotional about his loss, crying and saying how he felt he disappointed his fans that night. Despite his loss, I thought that Arreola did a tremendous job, showing the fire and the heart in the ring, pressing Vitali more than most other fighter ever did.

During the post fight press conference, Vitali praised Arreola for his effort, and stated that he believed that one day, Arreola was going to be a great champion. That day might be right just around the corner, against the very same person who he failed to defeat in 2009 and who suggested Arreola’s bright future in boxing: Vitali Klitschko.

The WBC has Vitali as the champion, and Arreola is right under being the number one contender, followed by Bermane Stiverne, whom Arreola is facing in tomorrow.

Logic dictates that if Arreola beats Stiverne, he will once again be the first in line to face Vitali Klitschko, an older and possibly less physically capable Vitali Klitschko than he has fought in 2009.

Don’t get me wrong, Vitali doesn’t enter the ring at 99%, he always shows up to perform at the peak of his abilities. If they fought, there is no doubt that Vitali would again be the favorite, and I will pick him to win the fight. Nonetheless, in boxing age catches up with a fighter in a matter of one fight, and it’s hard to tell how this Vitali would deal with the young and hungry Arreola’s pressure this time around.

Chris has been talking about this re-match ever since his loss to Vitali, and now it is finally within reach.

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