Chris Byrd Starting A Boxing Talk Show Called “The Byrd’s Eye View”

The Byrd sees it all, and that’s why “The Byrd’s Eye View” should be one of the more insightful boxing talk shows up to date.

Chris Byrd is launching an internet based boxing talk show in October, and he promises that everyone will have something to learn from it:

“It’s coming from a boxer that was at the highest level in amateurs and at the highest level in professional ranking. I’ve been through several promoters on the business side and I was self-managed, so I know all of the business and what goes on behind closed doors from a boxer’s point of view and mindset of a fighter. That’s what I want to get across to people, because when they criticize boxers for doing x, y, and z, I want to tell them what’s really going on. A boxer asking another boxer about the sport, it’s like a boxing code. We notice stuff, we experience stuff and we feel stuff that nobody else from the outside writing about the sport or talking about it, who has never boxed before, will know about,” explained Byrd in an MLive article.

His first guests will be Brandon Rios along with Robert Garcia. As far as I understand Byrd’s new show will have it all: pre and post fight discussions, opinions, explanations, and of course interviews.

This is exciting because it is absolutely brand new. No professional fighter ever took their time to bring the boxing fans a free way to communicate with and listen to a former champion host a simple down-to-earth radio show. Somehow, if this actually happens and Byrd is able to keep it consistent, his new idea will flourish and spread amazingly fast.