CJ Ross Should Not Be Watching Let Alone Judging Prize Fighting

CJ Ross Misses a Good Fight

Matt Hamilton for ESNewsReporting.com 120-109 Mayweather

fighthype.com 120-108 Mayweather

USAToday 118-110 Mayweather

Sports Illustrated/CNN 120-108 Mayweather

Dailymail.co.uk 120-108 Mayweather

Michael, Doug or Lem @ringmagazine

Rosenthal: That decision is an embarrassment to boxing. A draw by C.J. Ross? You gotta be kidding. Run the guy out of town. #theone

Dan Rafael ✔ @danrafaelespn

Floyd W12 majority! 116-112, 117-111 and CJ Ross strikes in another putrid card, 114-114. She had Bradley over Pacquiao. #boxing #theone

Chris Mannix ✔ @ChrisMannixSI

Shutout for Mayweather on my card. 120-108. Didn’t feel there were any especially close rounds, either.

Bryan Armen Graham ✔ @BryanAGraham

There’s the final bell and it’s impossible to imagine anything but a unanimous decision for Floyd Mayweather. A different class.

Michael, Doug or Lem @ringmagazine

Rd. 11: People are leaving. No reason to stay, really. Now it’s just a question of whether it’s a shutout. #mayweathercanelo #TheOne

Kevin Iole ✔ @KevinI

Mayweather wins the 11th 10-9. I have it 110-99

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton