Corrie Sanders: Thank You and RIP

By this time, a ton of people have made their statements concerning the death of Corrie Sanders, and I want to make mine.

Truthfully, it’s a bit difficult for me to sum up Corrie’s boxing career, as the only memorable fights that I can place him in were the Klitschko bouts. Nonetheless, what I do remember well was his character inside and outside of the ring. There are millions of people out there but only a fraction of them are individuals, saying certain things and acting in a way that separates them from the rest.

I don’t want to sit here and quote what Sanders had said during his Klitschko run, but trust you me, he was a very respectful and polite winner as well as loser. He was a simple man, with a true heart. I watched a few of his previous fights, and he never showed up to cruise, always to perform and give the fans a taste of excitement. Boxing, despite not being his life, was clearly in his blood.

Today I don’t want to say goodbye to a boxer, but instead I want to say thanks and rest in peace to Corrie Sanders, an authentic good man that has died out of turn. May good memories relive some of the pain that his loved ones are feeling right now, and may the scum that caused this tragedy get caught and spend the rest of their lives looking at the world through steel bars.