Cotto vs Trout Wrap up & Pacquiao vs Marquez Prediction
December 3, 2012 Boxing News
 By: Albert Alvarez
No Doubt about it- In watching the fight, I felt that Austin ”No Doubt” Trout fought a very composed fight. Trout to me, fought with a lot of courage, passion, and grit.
Miguel Cotto looked very flat to me, I also feel that Cotto overlooked Trout.
The reason as to why I believe that Cotto overlooked Trout, is because a few days before the fight, Cotto mentioned to members of the press that he did not see anything special in Trout. So when the non-threat turned out to be a threat, Cotto could not fully grasp the nightmare that he found himself in.
Trout would not be denied, I love the way Trout used the reach of his right arm to be his ruler and at the same time used it as a way to keep Cotto away from seeking comfortable range.
Before the fight, I mentioned that Trout is going to have to throw at least a minimum of 800 punches to win this fight, I believe that Trout threw roughly a little below 800. It wasn’t quite 800, but Trout’s composed form of attack was more than enough to get the job done. I also mentioned that it would be interesting to see exactly how much was taken out of Cotto in his last fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Turns out, that a lot was taken out of Miguel in that rough and tough fight. Trout on the other hand, has a lot of air in his lungs and is now more than ever, a force to be reckoned with. Another thing that I noticed, was the mid section stab jab that Trout was touching Cotto with. That stab jab of Trout would land then Trout would very wisely follow it up with a sharp right uppercut, Cotto couldn’t make the adjustment needed and because of that, Trout was able to keep scoring.
Speaking of scoring, 116-112 for Trout is how I scored it, but there were a lot of close rounds in there. If Cotto had been given the decision, I would have picked Canelo Alvarez (even though Canelo is almost as good looking as I, sorry but no relation) to beat up on Miguel Cotto. Seeing that the right man got the decision, if I were forced to pick right now, I would favor Trout to beat Canelo in a very tough fight.
 There is a lot of space between the lip and the cup for us to even begin the break down of a Alvarez/Trout clash, as of right now, one thing that is certain is that No Doubt about it, Austin Trout has arrived.
Pacquiao/Marquez 4 prediction-
Many of you are not feeling this fight right now, But I’m pretty sure that most of you will still tune in. I mean how can you not? All three of their fights have been very close fights to call. Pacquiao and Marquez seem to know each other very well, and it shows.
Both fighters seem to find answers for one another each and every time that they lock horns. This battle is every bit of Nacho vs. Roach as it is Pacquiao vs. Marquez. I have always picked Pacquiao to beat Marquez, but for this last installment, I am going to go with Juan Manuel Marquez to finally get the official win over his arch rival.
I strongly believe that Pacquiao’s inner confidence is long gone, and that is the main reason as to why he couldn’t put Bradley out in his last fight.
Manny still has crazy speed, fast feet, and a lot of power, but the killer intensity that came from his inner confidence is what has lately been holding him back. If Manny Pacquiao can somehow capture that kill or be killed intensity and apply it into his mental capacity, Pacquiao will then be able to finally stop Marquez once and for all. Question is, can that fire once again be recaptured? Marquez on the other hand, seems to be the more confident fighter going into this clash.
Pacquiao must see Marquez’s confidence as crystal clear as I can see it, Pacquiao must now more than ever transform into a dragon and spit out balls of flames at Marquez. You have got to take Marquez’s confidence away from him, just as he has done to you. If Pacquiao fails to do so, it’s going to then be Marquez once again countering and picking Pacquiao apart round after round.
As of right now, I’m picking Marquez to once and ”FOUR” all to finally get the nod over Pacquiao. Marquez by split decision.( I know that I just now used ”four” in a improper use, should be ”once and for all”, but seeing that this is the fourth fight between Pacquiao/Marquez, it looks wrong, but sounds so right.)
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