Could Losing To Marquez Derail The Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr. Bout?

I guess we have gotten to a point in the Pacquiao vs. Marquez history, where things are starting to come to light. We boxing fans and analysts always talk, argue, and discuss fights after they have concluded. But what we think and say doesn’t necessarily represent a universal thought and opinion. Boxers and their respective teams also discuss their outcomes, and what they say is likely very different from what we think.

“I’ve had three chances to come up with the strategy and the style to beat this guy and we haven’t done well in any of them and the last one was the worst. Marquez put the muscle on and he kind of landed the power shots in that fight. And a lot of people thought we lost that fight,” stated Roach.

What this means, is that from the very beginning, team Pacquiao was not 100% convinced that they had clearly won any of the fights against Marquez. Even Roach, the ultimate Pacquiao fan, is now going public with his true feelings, making it known that unless Pacquiao either dominates or knocks Marquez out, they will lose the next fight.

This is a very powerful statement, and taking it back will be impossible. Picking Marquez was a brave choice by Manny, and I take my hat off to him for making that move. The danger is double sided: first of all there is a bigger change of losing when facing Marquez rather than Bradley, and the second danger is that a loss to Marquez might derail the Mayweather Jr. bout.

Floyd could always say: ‘why am I going to fight Pacquiao now, after Marquez beat him. I easily beat Marquez before, so this is pointless fight.’ And yes ladies and gentlemen, Floyd would technically be 100% right. Arguing with that will not be possible, at least arguing and making sense at the same time.

At first I was not sold on the idea of this fight, but now, I cannot wait for it to happen.