Court Ruling: Mayweather Jr. Owes Pacquiao $113,518.50
September 18, 2012 Boxing News

The defamation lawsuit filed by Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather Jr. a while back is now bearing some fruit for the Pacman. According to the final ruling, Mayweather Jr. has to pay Pacquiao a sum of money that most of us would find very damaging to our bank accounts and credit scores, but for Floyd, it’s something he will have serious trouble noticing: $113,000.

“Mayweather decided that he, not the court, would determine if and when his deposition would take place. Busy living the ‘luxurious lifestyle non-stop,’ ‘pouring champagne for his friends,’ and keeping the company of ‘attractive women,’ Mayweather refused to be deposed. He disobeyed properly served deposition notices, filed specious ’emergency’ motions, openly defied this court’s order directing him to appear, and serially misrepresented his whereabouts to Pacquiao and this court. Exposing Mayweather’s untruths was a massive – and expensive – undertaking. The court notes that the award of attorney’s fees in this matter is a sanction against Mayweather’s obviously intentional decision not to appear for his court ordered deposition,” stated U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks.

Pacquiao has earlier field to recover his attorneys’ fees, and had Hicks entered an award of $113,518.50 on Monday.

I am not sure who really lost this case: Mayweather Jr. for having to pay this sum, or Pacquiao for being able to win such a small and insignificant amount.

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  1. I don’t think the amount is insignifacnt. I know Pacquiao would use it for good. $113 thousand is better of in the hands of Pacquiao than be thrown away by Mayweather in debauchery.

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