Cutman To Support 10 Year Old With Brain Cancer on HBO Boxing

Los Angeles based Boxing Cutman Mike Rodriguez working with Team Andrey Klimov tonight on the Televised semi main event tonight on HBO Boxing will be wearing a ring walk shirt in support of 10 year old Tony Lazo jr from Southern California.

Tony Jr was recently diagnosed with Brain cancer and is Fighting everyday to overcome this terrible disease. He is battling like a true warrior And shows great courage everyday. But young Tony is not fighting this battle alone. With lots of love, prayers and support, Team Lazo as adopted the motto of “No one fights alone “.

Rodriguez who also worked as a full time Homicide Detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept, is a work colleague of Tonys father,has joined this fight with Team Lazo. The support of both the Law enforcement community and the fight community has been overwhelming.

Rodriguez who works with many top fighters, will be wearing the “No one fights alone” shirt tonight on HBO Boxing in hopes to raise awareness for brain cancer and show support and raise funds for young Tony Lazo Jr.

Donations in support of This true warrior can be made to:

Wells Fargo Bank
Tony Lazo Fund
Cancer donations