Danny Garcia Beats Erik Morales

Danny Garcia got the UD over Erik Morales.

Rd 1 Morales lands a shot. not a lot of action in first min of rd. Fans yelling Erik. Garcia lands a big shot. Another big shot by Garcia. Morales lands a few as round ends. Rd one to Garcia 10-9

Rd 2 Both trade shots. Morales landing a left and right. Garcia answers. Rd 2 to Morales landed more shots

Rd 3 Garcia moves in Morales moves back. Morales using his jab well. Garcia lands a jab as well. Big shots by Garcia. Rd 3 to Garcia 10-9

Rd 4 Morales coming to garcia in this rd. Morales using his jab well. Garcia lands a nice left. Rd 4 to Morales 10-9

Rd 5 both garcia and morales exchange. Morales lands a big left hook. Garcia lands his own left hook. Ref tells Garcia to keep his punches up. Rd 5 to Morales 10-9

Rd 6 Both fighters exchange. Garcia starts to land big shots. Has Morales near the ropes. Garcia keeps landing Morales tries to answer. This rd to Garcia 10-9

Rd 7 Garcia lands a big left. both exchange. Garcia with another shot. Morales lands a body shot. Morales using his jab. Garcia lands more shots. Rd goes to Garcia. 10-9

Rd 8 Morales having a good round. doing good work. Garcia going after morales lands some good shots. Rd to Morales. 10-9

Rd 9 Morales clowning Garcia throwing hooks in the air. Garcia lands a hard left. Morales still in the fight. Garcia with another left hook. Garcia ends strong gets rd. 10-9

Rd 10 Morales coming to life in the rd. Lands a big right on Garcia. Rd 10 goes to Morales

Rd 11 Morales has a good rd. Makes Garcia bleed. Garcia drops Morales. Morales gets up. Garcia lands more shots. Garcia lands even more. Rd to Garcia 10-8

Rd 12 Big left hook by Garcia. Garcia lands more. A body shot. Morales comes back lands a few. Rd to Garcia 10-9