Danny Garcia on Mayweather-Ortiz: We’re Going To Hurt & End Him
August 20, 2011 Boxing News

Danny Garcia, the boxing trainer of Victor Ortiz, says he didn’t expect for Ortiz to fight Mayweather at this point in his career. However, Garcia says Ortiz is training hard. “Victor is going to try to end it with every shot, it’s going to be exciting,” said Joseph “Hoss” Janik, trainer from Team Ortiz. “We’re going to hurt him. We’re going to end him. We’re going to be ready and we’re very hungry to beat this guy…we have everything,” said Garcia.

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  1. Oscar De La Hoya frustrated Mayweather with a JAB until he tired. If Ortiz loads up his punches, Floyd will see his every attempt and easily counter punch and outbox Victor. Ortiz should look to steal the rounds in the last 30 seconds of each rd. Mayweather expects Victor to try and brawl. Brawling Mayweather will not work. A mixture of boxing and careful brawling will..

  2. Here’s the deal. Floyd is definitely faster, more skilled and technical, and probably even smarter in the ring than the young and somewhat inexperienced Ortiz (at this level). For Ortiz to win this fight, he’s got to use his advantages which are size and power. Ortiz MUST go inside and grind and wear floyd down with short power shots. If Ortiz stays on the outside and allows floyd the time and space to box, Ortiz will have no chance. If Ortiz can pressure and hound floyd all night long by grinding on the inside, putting his weight on floyd, and hitting him with his power punches, Ortiz can definitely shock the world.

    I’m not a psychic, but mark my words on this. Floyd wins easy if Ortiz stays outside. Ortiz will win by grinding and wearing down floyd on the inside and landing powerful shots floyd probably hasn’t felt before.
    Let’s remember how Mosley rocked Floyd twice in the 2nd round and almost floored Floyd. He was on the inside throwing power shots. That’s the key to beating floyd. You can’t beat floyd at his own game which is counter-punching from outside range. Go inside, and now that’s a different story.

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