Danny Garcia: Victor Ortiz F’s Up Rios
August 21, 2011 Boxing News

Danny Garcia who trains Victor Ortiz says Ortiz will beat Brandon Rios…  if the two stars got into the ring. Rios is trained by Robert Garcia, Danny’s brother, and the two haven’t talked in years. Check out this EsNewsReporting video.


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  1. Goko, no where in my comment above did I imply that Ortiz was in the same category as legends like Corrales or Marquez. So your, “You must be stupid to include Victor Ortiz.” remark was unjustified.

    I was simply stating the obvious about people dwelling on a loss, which I attribute more to inexperience than anything else, when Ortiz has in fact redeemed himself since then. The kid isn’t wearing the WBC title for nothing.

    Secondly: Mayweather, as technically brilliant as he is, will not make Ortiz quit. Sure he may frustrate Ortiz, perhaps even to the point of Ortiz throwing his strategy out the window, but be that as it may, Mayweather doesn’t fight with the same ferocity that a fighter like Maidana does.

    He’ll pick his shots, wait for Ortiz to lunge in and then counter. It took an intense onslaught from arguably the most naturally heavy handed fighter in the Jr Welterweight division to make Ortiz give in. Sorry, but Mayweather doesn’t fit that bill.

    Now, even though I don’t see this as an easy challenge for Mayweather, I do believe he’ll likely beat Ortiz. But make him quit? I seriously doubt that.

  2. Bygones should be bygones. Victor Ortiz for one is a big kid for 135 or 140.

    1. Brandon Rios on the other hand faced (to me) a skillfull boxer Miguel Acosta. That was his biggest test. Rios grind to win a KO victory. Imagine if it went the distance. A possibilty Acosta will still be the champion. And Rios showed it was not a lucky punch or fluke that put down Acosta. He grind and KO Antillon.
    2. The Maidana fight should have given Ortiz the respect if he had won. It would have put him from level B to level A boxers. Just like Zab “the chicken dancer” Judah would have been pound for pound and cemented his legacy as a future HOF if he had beaten Kostya Tsyzu. Circumstances like this sometimes are misplaced either in the brain or the heart.
    3. Boxers like Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz just does not need skill or talent. They also need luck in the right time when that opportunity knocks on your door. Ortiz had that opportunity now his into a second opportunity against Floyd Jr.
    4. For all the marbles Manny Pacquiao rise in the US. It was all a stroke of luck. After winning an alphabet belt, his bonus award was a vacation trip to the US. His first. While in here, his manager took the time to take the chance to look for a trainer or gymn. No one accepted him except the Wildcard. A stroke of luck Ledwaba is defending his belt, his opponent back out and the next in rank boxers are not available. A guy who was vacationing still cultured shock got another shock a 2 weeks notice. And was the right timing an undercard of Oscars fight a HBO main event in MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
    5. Rios and Ortiz are both young and many more years of boxing. Climbing up the ladder until they become cash cows. A $M fight minimum.. Timing and a stroke of luck is what this 2 needs.

  3. “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”
    — Muhammad Ali

    Diego Corrales and Juan Manuel Marquez are some names that fits to Ali quote against their opponents Luis Castillo and Manny Pacquiao. You must be stupid to include Victor Ortiz.

    Victor Ortiz quit. And once Floyd got into his jab rhythm peppering Ortiz and run before Ortiz can punch back. Victor Ortiz will show his true colors. He’ll quit a second time. For one a boxer like Floyd, what you need is an opponent the likes of Duran or Julio Caesar Chavez Sr. to break every rib or bone with body punches. Victor Ortiz is not that boxer. He could not hardly win against Lamont Petersson who is 10X lesser than Floyd Jr. I’m not a Floyd fan, but just an honest observation.

  4. People really should get over the Ortiz loss to Maidana. First off, Maidana is probably the hardest puncher in boxing pound 4 pound, maybe harder than Pacquiao. Did you see Maidana’s KO to win ratio? He’s practically KO’d everyone in all his wins except 3 fights.

    Second, Ortiz, while a strong grinder, is not difficult to hit. He takes risks and allows himself to get hit hard, in exchange for returning fire. He was also even younger and more inexperienced then as he is now (which he could still be considered inexperienced).

    Lastly, it wasn’t so much Ortiz “quit” as much as it was Maidana “won”. When you’ve lost, it won’t do your career any good to stay in for 5 more rounds and get your brain bashed in. Stopping the fight was probably the best thing he ever did for his career. Had he sustained more punishment just for the sake of saying he went 12 rounds, would probably have damaged his body permanently to where he would never recover to be the same fighter. People have to remember, boxing is not a single occurrence event. What kind of abuse and punishment you take in previous fights, will add up over your career and affect the rest of your life.

    Look at what happened to guys like Hatton, Margarito, Cotto, Oscar, David Diaz, after they got destroyed by Pacquiao. Most of them either went straight into retirement or didn’t fight for the next 12 months and even when they did come back, they weren’t the same anymore.

    • Totally agree, Corn. I posed a question on this site not too long ago asking, “How long are people going to hold the Maidana fight against Ortiz?” The kid’s had six fights since then, winning all of them decisively with the exception of his Draw against Peterson.

      And those six bouts also include a spectacular performance against Berto. A bout where he was actually faced with adversity again, yet didn’t back down one iota or begin to wilt. Instead, he held his ground like a true champion, regained his composure and dominated until the very end.

      People can live in the past if they like, but I’d say Ortiz has redeemed himself by now.

  5. Brandon Rios is the less skilled but hugely more respected fighter within the sport. I can’t in a million years see Bam Bam doing an Ortiz and quitting like he did vs. Maidana.

  6. It’s difficult to assess since Victor Ortiz is a much bigger and stronger guy. Ortiz will probably plateau somewhere at light middleweight or super middleweight, whereas Rios probably won’t get any bigger than welterweight at most (or light welterweight).

    In any case, it’s great to see boxing showcasing some of it’s good young talents on the rise…once the legends of the pacquiaos and mayweathers retire, we’re likely to see the Canelos, Rios’, Ortizs (or now if he beats Floyd next month) be tomorrow’s bright stars.

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