Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah II Is a Must!

I am not a fan of the “what if” articles, but if the fight was fifteen rounds instead of twelve, Zab Judah might have walked away with a ‘W’ on his record. I know that these types of arguments are absolutely futile, but I guess what I am trying to say, is that I want to see those two fight each other again.

Judah got comfortable and started fighting his fight after he got knocked down, which is something that none of us had expected. As mentioned during the telecast, he usually tends to start fading towards the end of the fight, but against Garcia, he did just the opposite. He not only started landing clean shots, but was avoiding Garcia’s counters beautifully. I guess his new clean family style of life is paying off.

Danny also fought like a champion, and won like one as well. He had the fight his way, and controlled the action during the entire stretch of the bout, even when he himself was being hit. I think that Garcia has yet to show the world what he is capable of, but he needs to clean up his offensive style just a little bit.

Those wide reaching right hand shots would have him in deep trouble if he was fighting a counter puncher like Marquez, Mayweather Jr., or even a former Zab Judah. They reach far, leaning him forward too far, making him very easy to hit for someone quick enough.

It was a great fight, and I believe that Judah ended up a people’s winner as well. He not only proved his heart and determination, but showed that his skill and speed remain steady. The fact that has was able to tag Garcia in such a clean fashion shows that Zab had the timing down towards the later rounds in the fight, and that’s one of the most important things to figure out when facing a power puncher.

I most definitely think that Garcia and Judah need to fight again, and it should happen sooner rather than later.


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