Darchinyan vs Perez : Fight Ends in 5th

 Vic Darchinyan vs Yohnny Perez are in the ring at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.  The two fighters are headlining  tonights event because the fight between Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko was cancelled. Just days before the fight, Agbeko , didn’t get clearance from his doctor.

The theater is packed with people.

Round 1: A flurry of punches from Darchinyan so far. Crowd is cheering for Darchinyan. Looks like round 1 went to Darchinyan.

Round 2: Perez knocked down in the beginning of the 2nd, but got up. Darchinyan isn’t stopping with the punches. He’s landing them. Perez isn’t giving up.  Just as Perez starts to come back, Darchinyan won’t give him a break.  Round goes to Darchinyan.

Round 3: Lots of back to back body shots by both former world champs. Perez refusing to give up to Darchinyan. Darchinyan is landing many strong punches. Perez looking  tired.

Round 4: The Raging Bull lands a punch, sending Perez flying to the ropes. Darchinyan still punishing Perez. Big left hook to the face by Darchinyan. Someone in the crowd yelling ” you didn’t do your homework Yonnhy.”

Round 5: Unintentional  headbutt . Perez asking for some time to rest because he’s bleeding.  Ref stopped the fight. Darchinyan wins.