David Haye Is A Participant On A Reality Show In The Jungle

Everyone needs something to do, even an unemployed David Haye. Haye has been trying to get a fight against Vitali Klitschko, but alas nothing has materialized. Haye just like anyone else out there needs to make money and deposit his checks, thus he has recently agreed to be on a reality show titled: “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”

“I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here is a reality television game show series in which 8 to 15 celebrities live together in a jungle environment for a few weeks. They have no luxuries, and compete to be crowned king or queen of the jungle. The first episode aired in 2002 and is now about to start its 12th series in the United Kingdom,” as described on Wikipedia.

Haye better be careful, there will be dozens of opportunities where one’s pinky toe could be in danger of getting temporarily injured.

“I have been asked many times to participate in various reality shows, but I always refused. But this time I decided to accept. I did not have any plans for November, and I thought that there is something there. I have consulted with friends and family, and they said it would be very interesting to look at me in a casual setting for a few weeks. This is a critical challenge for me and I decided to take it. I always wanted to test myself and prove something to people, something that they can be surprised about,” said Haye.

“For many years I was a very private person and never allowed myself to catch by surprise, so this is the first real opportunity to see the real me. I can not be sure how people would respond to me, but this is just a chance to find out. This is a really interesting experiment. Most of my life I competed in the individual sports and have never been in a team. In general, working as a team will be a completely new situation, but I am not afraid, but rather very intrigued. I’m very competitive and do not like to lose no matter what is at stake,” continued Haye.

I am not too sure whether this is a good or bad for the British boxer as far as his boxing career is concerned, but rumor is that he will be paid ₤160,000 for his participation in the show. Maybe if he comes out a winner in the show, his popularity will grow from just the boxing fans, to other various viewers that watched him on the show. This in turn could potentially be a plus for him, opening new opportunities in the TV/Movie business, and possibly easier promotional efforts for a fight.

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