David Haye: “My aim is to get Vitali in a ring next year, after his election campaign has failed.”

No, David Haye will not stop insulting Vitali Klitschko until he gets what he wants: a loss to the giant Ukrainian.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Haye stated the following:

“In an ideal world, though, I’d now like to box on with a British license. I’m a British boxer, I have never had any issues with the board and, should a fight with Vitali Klitschko happen, I’d be keen to have the British Boxing Board of Control in my corner, simply because they are so experienced and are the best at what they do. My aim is to get Vitali in a ring next year, after his election campaign has failed, and bring his WBC world title back to Britain.”

It’s definitely a good idea to get a British boxing license, as if the fight ever happens, it will likely take place in Germany or the U.K. Overall, Haye is an interesting man and a tremendous promoter, but like I said before, word can be self-harming.

Haye knows just how important it is for Vitali to win the election and how deep he is involved in his local politics. Talking about this is a perfect hook to get Vitali’s reaction, and I do believe that Vitali will oblige sometime soon. If the fight does happen, I foresee it taking place somewhere in April or May of next year.

Truthfully, who else can Vitali fight as a career closing bout? There is really no one else who bring the excitement, drama, as well as the crowd to the stadiums. I hope this fight happens, otherwise Vitali might have to hang up the gloves after a lackluster event.