David Haye Promises To Knock Out Vitali Klitschko
September 10, 2012 Boxing News

David Haye will simply not relent with his non-stop harassment of Vitali Klitschko. Yes you read correctly, I used the word harassment, and a desperate one at that. The entire world knew that Haye wanted to fight Vitali as soon as he lost to Wladimir, as it was more than obvious that Wladimir will not offer a rematch to Haye.

David has since expressed his need to fight Vitali at least a couple dozen times, every time sounding more ridiculous and hopeless. Now, according to the Daily Star, he spoke yet again, promising a knockout:

“I was very ­disappointed with Vitali’s performance and I would love to get in with him and knock him out. I saw so many holes in his defense. He would not last six rounds with me. I would throw clusters of punches. Vitali is a ­warrior but his chin is not better than my punch,” said Haye.

David is promising something that most boxing fans know he will not be able to deliver. Is it impossible that Haye knocks out Vitali? No it’s not, just very unlikely. Vitali not only has a great chin, but is defensively sound, and I assume would be well aware of what to do in the ring against Haye’s offense.

“Bernd Boente, the ­Klitschkos’ manager, said after Vitali’s fight with Chisora that we should fight each other and the winner then fights Vitali. I’ve done my part and I hope Vitali is a man of his word and fights me. It will be the biggest fight in ­Germany and one of the biggest in boxing history,” continued Haye.

If this was indeed true, which doesn’t sounds right in the first place, than I guess Haye could stop complaining. Although as far as Boente’s previous statements go, the fight was offered to Haye before he fought Chisora, but David decided to face Derek instead of Vitali.



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