David Haye Says Vitali Klitschko Should Be Ashamed

Believe it or not, but after Vitali Klitschko’s 4th round TKO victory over Manuel Charr, David Haye had a few words to say, according to an article at GorodokBoxing.

“Klitschko should be ashamed for his work in the ring. It was a very low output,” stated Haye.

I don’t know why Haye would make such a statement being that the fight had only lasted for four rounds. Things can unravel in boxing at any point in the fight, thus David’s words seem premature.

Of course as a well knows self promoter, Haye is simply trying to get a fight against Vitali. To be honest, this would be an ideal fight for Vitali. It would be a very popular topic in the media, it would yield a healthy paycheck for both fighters, and it would be enough to close Vitali’s boxing career with a bang.

I don’t think that Haye is a bad fighter, but I do believe that he is a better talker than a doer. Would he do better against Vitali then he did against Wladimir with an innjured toe? Unlikely is the safe answer to this question.

Beating Chisora was good for Haye, but in no way did it prove anything. Yes, he ended the fight in a TKO, something that Vitali was unable to accomplish. But we all know that styles make fights, and Vitali’s dominating performance over Chisora was enough to call it a definitive victory.

I assume we will hear something soon enough, as Vitali is rarely secretive about his future boxing plans.