Reaction to Hypemaker vs. Klitschko & Toegate

Matt Hamilton reporting.

After another night to forget for the heavyweight division we did a whip round the internet to gauge reaction to what was tragically and laughably the biggest heavyweight showdown in years:

Former Mr. Universe & current ESPN boxing columnist Dan Rafael calls David Haye, “one of the biggest heavyweight frauds of all time”.

BBC Radio 5’s Steve Bunce was ringside and felt it was Klitschko’s performance that merited focus.

“This has been one of the best performances from Klitschko,” according to Bunce.

“Haye will be crushed, he was chasing in the last round, it’s a form of consolation, Haye’s camp came up with a plan but by round four they worked out that there was nothing they can do. They found the Klitschko curse he was too big and just had too much for Haye.”

Wladimir Klitschko himself was unimpressed with Haye’s performance on the night, saying:

“I’ve been criticised by David Haye after the Ibragimov fight and it was the same with him after three rounds, he gave up on offence. Instead he was fighting like all of my opponents. I would have loved to make him my 50th knockout. I wish I could prove I was the better man with a knockout out of David Haye. His behaviour before the fight was disgraceful to the sport of boxing.”

Hype David Haye

The Hypemaker in all his glory. Sadly, there was no substance to any of his claims to greatness. He becomes just another embarrassing episode in the history of the near comatose heavyweight division.

Quote of the evening though has got to belong to the Haymaker, “I’ve got a lot of respect for Wladimir and he’s a great fighter.” I guess respect comes in all shapes and sizes – much like heavyweight eras seem to arrive.

The judges had the fight scored at 117-109, 118-108 and 116-110; noting that Klitschko had one point deducted during the contest this implies David Haye won only 6 rounds from all three judges combined (2, 1 and 3) or an average of 2 rounds per judge (noting the scored knockdown – on a night David Haye visited the floor more than your local breakdancer). Hardly the “most brutal execution of a boxer ever witnessed” or some such non-sense I don’t even have the patience to look up the Hypemaker was rambling on about to get his reported $15 million pay day.

Haye Broken Toe

Fortunately the digital camera was on hand to save the Hypemaker's reputation.