David Tua Back In The Summer
December 24, 2012 Boxing History

Boxing is all about opportunities, and for David Tua, another one is knocking on his door.

According to TVNZ news, Tua has a new promoter and financial support to get back into the ring against Shane Cameron, and fight his way to the top once again.

“We think David Tua, when he’s fit and healthy, is a force to be reckoned with.”We think he’s still got a lot to offer and whoever we put him in the ring with, he’ll knock them out. He had a couple of issues after that and tried to take on one or two things by himself – we think we can add the support structures around him to allow him to be the fighter he can be. If David needs the money, well good luck to him – we’ll pay what it takes. From the meetings we’ve had with him, he seems in an amazing space. He’s happy and smiling, and busting his butt to get back in the ring,” stated Duco of Duco Events.

“Top 10 is realistic. David, when he’s healthy is one of the most devastating punchers in the division – maybe of all-time. The job is for David to get fit and healthy, and then step in the ring around June or July and knock out whoever’s in front of him,” concluded Duco.

While I am glad to hear that Tua is doing good and is content with his life, coming back to boxing will not yield a positive outcome. I understand that everyone needs money to support their families, and so does David, but being realistic is important for him and his team. Yes, back in the day, Tua was a freight train, with a punch that if landed, would send anyone through the ropes. This was a long time ago, and getting back to the same physical conditioning, well it’s simply impossible now. Tua is not only much older, but with that age ring rust typically sets in much deeper.

Getting to being in the top 10, as Duco suggested and hopes for, is very unlikely. Although I have to say that a fight against Fury, Helenius, or even Hauye doesn’t sound all that crazy, but only if Tua can prove to himself that he is truly in great shape and ready for a 12 round action packed fight.

I was always a fan of Tua, as he displayed pure power and determination, and so I am curious to see how he does in his comeback fight. Hopefully he can get his body and mind into the right shape for the ring again.


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