De La Hoya Thanks His Fans For Their Support

Ten-time world champion, Oscar De La Hoya, took to his Twitter today (in English and Spanish) to thank everyone for their support. On Saturday, it was made public that he checked himself into a California rehab facility.

Oscar De La Hoya

Here’s what De La Hoya tweeted. He sent out 5 tweets.

I’m sincerely humbled by the support I’ve been receiving and promise you that I will knock out this disease I have. There is no doubt in my mind that I will become stronger and more humble with this experience. These past weeks I have grown as a person and have been able to find my higher power. Every day he gives me the strength to live life in a humiliating way. Life as I’m learning is to love my self first so I can love those around me. Thank you and I’ll see u soon stronger than ever.