Deontay Wilder Working With Al Haymon

According to a recent report in Tuscaloosanews, Deontay Wilder will now have one of the most influential people in boxing as part of Team Wilder, and that person is no other than Al Haymon.

“The heavyweight champion is the man in the sport. He sees Deontay as a guy who can win the heavyweight championship of the world. He thinks he can help him get there. We do too. That’s the main interest. He has some of the best fighters in all of boxing, and that gives him a lot of influence with television networks,” Deas said. “His guys seem to be on TV all the time. His guys seem to be in big, important fights all the time. That’s what he brings to the table. He’s the final piece of the puzzle. With the combination of me, Al and Shelly, Deontay has every opportunity to make it to the top,” stated Wilder’s co-manager Jay Deas.

I happen to agree that knowing the right people is by far the most important thing in any kind of business, especially in sports. Of course having the right team is not everything, it’s the winning of the fights that get’s a fighter to the top. But winning the right fights is something that the team can help with.

Haymon is well known in the boxing community, and all know that he is capable of turning things around and negotiating fights that others would not be able to. Deontay has shown that he is a formidable opponent and that he has the potential to go all the way to the top, and with Haymon on his side, I believe this route will be accelerated if all goes according to plan.


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