Dewey Bozella Beats Larry Hopkins Rd By Rd Updates

52 year old Dewey Bozella is in the ring fighting Larry Hopkins (no relation to Bernard). This is a four round fight.
Dewey was locked up 26 years for a crime he did not commit. his dream was to fight and it’s happening now.

Rd 1 was close both fighters feeling each other out.

Rd 2 Hopkins coming to Dewey. Dewey stepping up and coming to Hopkins. For Hopkins 0-3 this is his 4th fight for Dewey it’s his first fight.

Rd 3 Dewey starts strong going for Hopkins. Both fighters in the corner connectiong on shots. Dewey’s face a bit marked up. Reff breaking up the fighters. Dewey lands a a one two combo on Hopkins.

Rd 4 Dewey light on his feet. Hopkins trying to land and drops his mouthgaurd. Mouthgaurd drops again. Dewy hits Hopkins with a tough left. Mouthgaurd goes down again. Dewey in controll lands body shots. Hopkins still standing drops mouthguard for 5th time.

Shots landed so far in this round 22 to Dewey 2 to Hopkins.
Dewey lands a big one there goes the mouthgaurd again.