Did Floyd Show That You Can Crack His Armor

Dominic Matich is a boxing trainer, check out a special report he wrote for EsNewsReporting:

With all the menacing buzzing and noise surrounding last Saturdays fight between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz something has slipped away from the eyes of the public, an encouraging prospect.  The slight erosion of Mayweather’s shield that he holds so dearly, tiny cracks in the armor not present before.  Manny Pacquiao fans should be filled with heightened hopes. I’m sure the Pac Man is and I’m sure Freddie Roach is.


In last Saturdays fight Mayweather dazzled spectators with spectacular flashes of speed and precision punching, even displaying a newly added tactic to his successful strategy, becoming the aggressor early.  But one thing I noticed that was an inescapable fact were the small amounts of work Victor Ortiz was able to put in, some shots got through.  Very brief almost microscopic glimpses of an agitated Mayweather could be seen, if only for a few seconds each brief glimpse.


Mayweather doesn’t get hit period it’s his motto and a traditional unwritten rule of boxing, the name of the game is to hit and not get hit. He has perfected the Philly Shell style so well no opponent has yet to penetrate or produced a successfully executed game plan.  The main artery to Mayweather’s defensive vain is a combination block; he picks off your jab with his right, rolls his shoulder to break the momentum of your cross, and then catches your left hook with his right arm guarding his right side. This shuts down various offensive options since the jab, cross, hook combination is the foundation every boxer builds upon.  But hope rises with time and the perfect opponent to deliver the damage. 

Time is sluggishly and barley catching up with Mayweather, but its apparent now has gained tiny progress.   The thing that Pacquiao and his team have to be enthusiastic about is Mayweather is now being moved forcefully pushed back, from heavy shots.  He’s getting hit more then he used to, and when he’s hit damage occurs. For Manny Pacquiao the beginning of the cracks starts with these, as does the beginning of the end of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Manny Pacquiao’s armor and arsenal are doing just fine and will be on display when he faces Juan Manuel Marquez on  November 12th.  This fight, like Ortiz did for Mayweather, prepares Pacquiao for Mayweather in many ways.   First, he’s facing a deceptively deadly counter puncher whose great at timing, a similarity to the style of the illusive Mayweather who will thrive off of an opponent’s mistake.   Secondly this fight keeps Manny Pacquiao active because it’s like Freddie Roach always says “You can’t be a part time fighter at this level.”   The third and most important and soon to be celebrated result of Pacquiao’s upcoming on November 12th will be the return of Pacquiao the finisher!   In his most recent fights Pacquiao has been criticized for taking it easy on a terribly wounded opponent, but no more come November 12th.

Pacquiao rarely if ever considers fights personal but this time it is.  He will be seeking an end, looking to put the official and final stamp of victory on the trilogy and in a brutal fashion.  That’s just what he needs for an eventual fight with Floyd Mayweather.  Manny Pacquiao has suffered cracks in his armor before, but they have since healed over, only to be stronger scars, the mortar to his wall.


   If Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finally do meet up never in our life time, or at least decades away, will there be a more perfect competition to be viewed in the sport of boxing.   The night these two gladiators touch gloves shields will be blasted threw and busted with brute force, pressure will be punished by a marksman of the gloves.  So the days that will lead up to this fight, for Pacquiao and his fans, must be spent focusing on the emerging cracks in the armor.