Dinamita Closes The Book On Pacman
December 10, 2012 Boxing News
 By: Albert Alvarez
Pacquiao kisses the canvas- Last night, Juan Manuel Marquez landed a beautiful kiss of death shot on Manny Pacquiao forcing Pacquiao to land face first kissing the canvas. The shot heard around the world, was a perfectly placed glorious right hand. The shot landed right on the button, and the ending result was fatal. It was a very scary sight to behold as Pacquiao laid there motionless.
For the 6 rounds that were fought last night, it was a battle of Pacquiao’s left hand versus Marquez’s right hand. The Pac-Man was finding daylight for his blitzing left hand, and Marquez was being forced to eat the shot in order to counter with his own fierce right hand cannon.
Earlier in the fight, In the 3rd round, Marquez had knocked Pacquiao down with a clean over hand right. Manny did not look hurt from the shot, it was just a big shot that surprised him more than anything. Pacquiao then got up and would later in the 5th round return the favor by dropping and hurting Marquez with vicious left hands. It looked to me that Pacquiao’s left foot was hurt and Marquez’s right leg was a little off balance, on very shaky legs.
It was a fight that both fighters knew that they had to live and die by the gun. Going to the score cards was out of the question, both fighters knew that a knockout was needed in order to close the book on this great rivalry. Marquez should have his face on shirts followed by the phrase: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!
So what happens now? Well, I would personally love to see both all time greats retire from the sport, right now together. But that is unlikely to happen, for all I know, both fighters are probably having breakfast right now discussing a fifth fight as I have that wishful thought.
Saturday night, December 15th on HBO, Donaire/Arce prediction– Boy I got to tell you, after watching or hearing about Pacquiao being knocked out cold, if Nonito Donaire Jr. is not that motivated to face Arce, I bet he is now. In fact, I am now more than ever, picking Nonito Donaire Jr. to knock Arce out in 7 rounds, in highlight reel fashion. I am also sure that Arce is going to feel extra motivated, especially after seeing Marquez his fellow countryman blitz Pacquiao. It’s going to be a shootout, and one that I feel Donaire will win.  
Saturday night, December 15th on Showtime, Khan/Molina prediction- I am very much looking forward to see how Khan will look under the trained eye of Virgil Hunter. Molina is a very tough game fighter, but facing a straight shooter with speed in Khan, will not be a good look for Molina. This fight will be very good in spots, and Molina will have to adjust heavy to keep Khan’s speed under control. I have always felt that Khan is a very good fighter, but to me, Khan’s reckless speed must be transformed into quickness. I am picking Khan to stop Carlos Molina inside 9 rounds.
Random Thoughts:
I understand that Gamboa was off for over a year, but he is still making the same mistakes that he was making before. The leaning in and leaping in with hooks has got to be fixed. You can’t deny his speed and power, but like Khan, Gamboa must transform that speed into quickness. Speed comes from your hands and quickness comes from your eyes. Ability to see an opening before your opponent. For example, Adrien Broner has quickness, and Gamboa has speed. Pacquiao has speed, but Floyd Mayweather has quickness. It’s about who can pull the trigger first.
The Shawn Porter vs. Julio Diaz fight on the under card of Khan/Molina is going to be a very good scrap. Can’t wait to see it.
Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym on the Donaire/Arce under card, is also going to be interesting to see. Rigo is another fighter that to me, has incredible quickness. I feel that fighters like Rigo and Donaire seem to see things in the ring in slow motion.
Boy, did Gesta give Vasquez too much respect, or what? Wow, Vasquez’s movement had Gesta looking dizzy in there last night.
Javier Fortuna underestimated Patrick Hyland big time! Fortuna is a great talent, I like the kid a lot, but he needs to find his very own identity. In my last conversation with Fortuna, I mentioned this to him and he understood. At least, he seemed to understand. This kid Fortuna is going to be a force, he just needs a little more time.


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