Disaster: Manny Pacquiao Knocked Out… Relax Everyone, Not Much Changes In Boxing

I had to wait out the media storm after the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV before writing this article, primarily because after an outcome like that, emotions take over while the voice of reason sits on the sidelines.

First of all, let me tell you what I think about the outcome of the fight:

I know that this is boxing, and that every punch counts. Oh and also I picked Marquez to win the fight. As a matter of fact, the morning of the fight day, I told a good friend of mine that I have a strong feeling that Marquez would end this fight early in a devastating fashion. He certainly did. Having said all that, with one second remaining in the round, no matter what anyone says, this was not only tremendous skill in play, but also incredibly lucky timing. The fight was starting to boil, and both fighters were getting more aggressive and energetic. Neither man was dominating before Manny walked into Marquez’s right hand. So while I am happy about the outcome, as it was not only entertaining but generally good for boxing, I would approve of Pacquiao vs. Marquez V.

I know, you all must think I am completely out of my mind, but I would find it hard to believe that most people out there would not want to see these two in the ring again. After all, isn’t boxing about entertaining the fans? About putting together fighters who are equally matched and can have the crowd on their feet? Aren’t Marquez and Pacquiao that very combination?

Towards the middle of the fight, as both fighters switched into the next gear, Pacquiao did what he does best as the fights get into the middle rounds: got sloppy. His lopsided punches, his weird lateral jumping, and his lack of technicality would be, I’m sorry to bring this up now, taken advantage of by Floyd Mayweather Jr. from bell to bell. Thus, Manny is nowhere near being ready for a quicker and more accurate counter-puncher than Marquez.

Still, Manny is a powerhouse, a freight train that never stops. If only a fraction of his punches reach their destination, damage will be done. When after the fight people started saying that Manny is finished, and that he should no longer be in the running against Floyd, well that only showed their lack of knowledge about boxing.

No, Pacquiao is not done, is not in any way less of a fighter, and is certainly still on the very top as far as future fights are concerned. Getting knocked out, is bad, but losing a fight via a UD is far worse for a fighter like Manny. He got caught, and he went down. It was clearly a very hard punch that Manny did not expect or see, and it landed flush. Most boxers would suffer the same fate in such a scenario, and that’s that. This doesn’t dictate Manny’s abilities in the ring, and should not be the driving force behind his next fight.

As far as Marquez is concerned, he is a technical genius as always, and he more than deserved this win. He fought for it, and he got it in the most phenomenal way anyone could imagine: landing a power punch at 2:59, sending the invincible Pacquiao to the canvas face first. Never count out Marquez, and I think that after knocking him down, Manny might have done just that.

The leverage of camp Pacquiao is now lost at sea, and Marquez is the man with the final say. Hey, don’t be surprised to hear that Mayweather Jr. vs. Marquez II is on the horizon, I certainly wouldn’t be.

Congratulations to camp Marquez for their much needed victory! I am hoping to see Dinamita give us a few more exhilarating nights of boxing, and I will always be a true fan of his.

To team Pacquiao: Some boxing experts say that the most valuable thing in a champion’s career is a loss. My fists were clinched and my heart beating out of my chest when I noticed that Manny was not moving after the 10-count. We all know that boxers have suffered terrible things after being knocked out, death not excluded. I was more than relieved to see that Pacman was responsive and smiling after he was brought back to his feet, and I am thankful for him and his family that they are healthy and together. A true warrior, Pacquiao is nowhere near done, and mark my words on this page; we are yet to see Pacquiao add more KO victories to his resume.


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