Does Emanuel Steward Have Cancer Or Diverticulosis
September 20, 2012 Boxing History

It appears as though there are some conflicting reports on the health condition of the legendary trainer Emanuel Steward.

According to a report by the Quebec Journal, Steward is currently hospitalized due to cancer, and will soon undergo multiple chemotherapy treatments:

“He is currently hospitalized in the Chicago area and had surgery today (Wednesday),” confirmed promoter Yvon Michel. “He will undergo chemotherapy in the future. It happened suddenly. He felt tired recently and thought it was due to the many trips foals, said Yvon Michel. It had to be present for the fight between Julio Cesar Chavez and son Sergio Martinez last Saturday in Las Vegas, but he could not be there for the reason that we know now. ”

This is terrible news not only for the boxing fans, but for the dozens of fighters that have trained and are currently under the wing of the world class coach. It would be very unusual to see Steward looking weak and ill, but I am confident that he has a great medical team to care for him at this time.

Having said all that, it appears as thought cancer may not be his problem, as his sister confirmed her brother’s hospitalization but for an entirely different issue according to the Detroit Free Press:

“Steward, 68, who put Detroit’s Kronk Gym on the map in the early ’70s and guided Thomas (Hit Man) Hearns, Hilmer Kenty, Milton McCrory and Jimmy Paul to world championships in the ’80s, was treated for a stomach condition, Diane Steward-Jones said. Steward-Jones, who handles business and public-relations matters for Steward, denied her brother was suffering from a life-threatening illness, rumors of which have circulated of late in boxing circles.”

“My brother has had problems with a nervous stomach, which turned into diverticulosis,” Steward-Jones said. “He had to have some repairs and he is resting and recuperating. He is doing very well. The doctor said he has to rest,” she said. “He’ll have to cut back on what he takes on, and he’s been advised to eat better … follow a better diet.”

So which one is it? I like the second one much more, and I am hoping that the caner story was nothing but false information and hype. I am assuming that the story of Steward being ill will soon spread all over the net, and Steward himself will make a statement to clarify his situation.


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