Donaire On Rigo During Their Press Conference: “I still believe he needs experience”

At their first press conference, Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux met face to face as they officially kicked off the build up to the long awaited fight.

“They’re going to train hard, I’m going to train hard. April 13 is the day people will know who is the best 122-pounder….I still believe he needs experience,” stated Donaire during the conference.

Talk about a tremendous out-pour of confidence, Donaire clearly showed that he has no doubt that Rigo will not be much of a challenge, but why would he say that about his next opponent? By giving Rigo less credit, Donaire will ultimately earn less of it himself?

Underestimating Rigo is almost risky, as while not necessarily likely, Donaire could lose the fight, and will have to eat his words. Losing to an “inexperienced” fighter will not leave much room for excuses and reasons if need be.

I understand that Donaire was probably forced to take this fight, but now that he does, Rigo should not be seen as anything but a top notch competition that wants to take away everything that Donaire has earned over the span of his entire career.

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