Dozens Of World Champions Attend Emanuel Steward’s Funeral

(Photos Courtesy of The Detroit News)

Today, one of the most respected trainers in boxing history Emanuel Steward was laid to rest. The funeral was held at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. Looking at the number of his world boxing champions that arrived to show their respect, it is easy to see that Emanuel was not only loved and respected, but had changed dozens of lives which in turn molded the history of the sport of boxing itself.

“He once said I can’t believe I am training kids from Poland and Russia,” stated Jim Lampley as quoted by The Detroit News. It is true that Steward had his hands full with various young prospects and champions wanting to train under the legendary coach.

“He was like the king who walked among common people. There are countless stories on how many people he stopped to talk to and share himself. As I said, he lived the life he loved and he loved the life he lived,” said Merchant of Steward.

In one of my previous articles on Steward, I stated just that, saying that he never acted on his popularity and was always a simple guy amongst the rest of us.

It is most definitely a sad day, but it is crucial to realize that while we will miss Steward, he has accomplished something that not many people can: his efforts gained him historical infinity.

His efforts and his name will never be forgotten in the sport of boxing, and his achievements will echo through decades upon decades for much longer than any of us will be around. He is as alive today, as he was last year; maybe not physically, but mentally and spiritually even more than before.

His work will continue, as those whom he trained and imparted his wisdom upon will take his place and do their best to mimic Steward’s teachings. Today is as much of a day to cry as it is to smile and remember the funny, interesting, and unusual  stories of Steward.

Emanuel Steward: July 7, 1944 – ∞