While Earning His Paycheck Fighting Canelo, Mayweather Jr. Was Robbed By Girlfriend

Being rich and famous, people become instant targets of those entering into relationships with them maliciously. Whether its dating, marriage, or even friendship, there are scam artists on every corner looking for someone to con. In Mayweather Jr.’s case, the swindler was his girlfriend Princess Love, who had robbed one of Floyd’s properties during his fight against Saul Alvaresz.

“One of Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez. Our sources says about eight Rolex watched, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the home,” reported LarryBrownSports.

Apparently she has planned this for a while, and it was one of Floyd’s friend that has spilled the beans about the plan. Also, it seems that 50 Cent had warned Mayweather Jr. of this girl before, but Floyd neglected to listen.

Now, the photo that Mayweahter Jr. had previously posted makes a lot more sense. as it is clear that it viscously targets Princess Love.

It seems that finding true love will not be easy for the boxing superstar, and his riches will always be an object of possible, even probable envy and greed.

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