Eddie Chambers Talks Kimbo Slice vs. Klitschkos

We all know Kimbo Slice for his character and his image, but all in all, not too may people take him seriously as a boxer. Kimbo has previously made a series of statements claiming that he could devastate in the ring, but thus far, he has yet to prove it.

Eddie Chambers seems to be one of the few people who believes that Kimbo is not all talk, and respects his attitude: “Another Joke to Boxing.. is Kimbo Slice!!.. I respect his hustle though! I bet ya.. if Kimbo Slice had the chance.. he wont run from the Klitchkos.. Like Povetkin is!!” wrote chamber on this Twitter wall.

I think that comparing Povetkin and Slice as far as boxing is concerned is plain wrong. Povetkin is a proven world class boxer, while Slice has thus far proved absolutely nothing in the boxing ring. If they ever met, I have very high doubts that Slice would last too long in the ring against Povetkin. And if either Klitschko was to take on Slice, the fight would end too soon to make it worth a ticket price.

What I am curious about, is why Chambers decided to make such a naive statement? Either he is trying to aggravate someone, or Chambers is trying to, for some odd reason to provoke either man to take on Kimbo Slice.