Enzo Calzaghe Releases His Frustration On Twitter

Enzo Calzaghe certainly didn’t like the fact that Andre Ward’s trainer Virgil Hunter had recently stated that his pupil would have no problems with the Welsh former champion and Enzo’s son Joe Calzaghe inside the ring if the two ever fought.

Enzo went to Twitter to let his frustrations run free:

“So much about big mouths from America. Here’s another one called (Virgil Hunter), Andre Ward’s trainer, saying that if Joe Calzaghe and his fighter, Ward, ever met in the ring, his fighter would sweep Joe aside so easily and that Joe wouldn’t be able to cope with Ward’s ability. Ward’s trainer must be punch drunk. I think he’s got Yankee-tytus syndrome. It’s an infection that some of the American trainers suffered with before Joe kicked their (fighter’s) arses. Sometimes it is great to live in Coocooland but once you suffer with that problem as (Jeff) Lacy, (Roy) Jones, (Bernard) Hopkins did, it is hard to believe the truth. So, what do I believe would happen if they met? Joe would be too good in all departments. He will be too fast, too strong, and, above all, too powerful for Ward to handle. So, let’s not get carried away with Ward’s victory over Chad Dawson because Chad Dawson isn’t Joe Calzaghe. OK, Vivien? … Keep on dreaming, my friend.”

Clearly Hunter’s statement struck hard and deep, right through Enzo’s nervous system and pride. While many would argue that Joe wasn’t as good as some make him out to be, the fact is, he did beat Lacy, Jones, and Hopkins. No matter what people say, he did retire undefeated with a record of (46-0-0).

Although I am not a huge fan of matching up fighters that have retired versus those who are still active, this would indeed be an interesting fight to witness. No, I don’t think that Joe was better than Andre in all departments.

Would Joe be too fast for Ward? This is possible. Ward is not the fastest fighter out there, and his footwork, despite being damn good, is still to be chiseled at. I believe after watching some video clips to refresh my memory, that Joe’s footwork was indeed a little bit better, smoother than Ward’s.

Was Joe stronger than Ward is? Unlikely. Ward’s power is yet to be seen, but one thing we know for sure, and that is that Ward does have knockout power, and is more than capable of following through if he happens to hurt you in the ring. Of course that doesn’t mean that Joe had any less power. I think this is a hard attribute to judge at this point in time.

In reality, both fighters were and are good to the point where deciding on who would win the fight becomes a true challenge. I would expect a good action packed fight, probably one of the better fights we would have seen in a long time. Who would you put your money on?