EsNewsReporting Giveaway : Pick The Winner of Darchinyan vs Perez
April 22, 2011 Boxing News

On April 23, Vic Darchinyan will face Yonnhy Perez. The original headline between Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko was taken off the card because Agbeko didn’t get clearance from a doctor due to a medical issue.   The Darchinyan vs Perez fight will take place in downtown Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre  L.A  Live.  In this EsNewsReporting Giveaway, we challenge you to predict who will win that fight.


1. Submit your prediction. How many rounds will the fight go and who wins. If you think the fight will go to decision , say that. Leave your take as a comment to this post.

2. Everyone who guesses correctly or comes close to the actual results will be entered into a raffle.

3.The winner of the raffle will get  an Official Press Kit signed by Boxing Champion Abner Mares. Two others will win a boxing poster signed by the champ. We will annuonce the winners April 24th.

4. Good Luck!


"35" Comments

  2. I just finish checking all the responses and nobody got it but myself!!! No need for the raffle!!!! Thanks Elie, best P4P reporter!!!!!!

  3. I got it right!!!!!!!! Fck yeahhhh! Thanks Eli, do u need my info?

  4. Pérez wins by Decisión

  5. Raging bull Darchinyan by UD

    This should be a good one…it’s due or die for both guys. Time is diffidently not on their side!

  6. Darchinyan to win by UD

  7. Dave Carr-Diaz (Dash)

    Perez by TKO in the 10th
    here’s my video prediction:

  8. Perez will win this via UD.

    Perez will rough up Darchinyan, as darchinyan fights “fighting back” looking for his big right, but perez will be unfazed.

  9. Darchinyan KO 9

  10. Perez wins Split Decision

  11. Perez UD


  13. perez 12 round decision .

  14. Vic by KO by the 10th round

  15. Darchinyan by UD.


  17. Perez BY KO on the 11th Round.

  18. Darchinyan, Decision (close)

  19. Darchinyan by 8 round ko

  20. Vic Darchinian wins on 5 rounds, tko.

  21. Perez at the end of the 9th round. Vic doesn’t come out for the 10th.

  22. Perez by 10th round

  23. perez by k.o. 8 round.

  24. Yonnhy Perez, UD

  25. Perez UD

  26. darchinyan 10 rd ko

  27. Darchinyan 12 round decision

  28. Yonnhy Perez 3rd round KO

  29. darchinian by 9 round knock out of perez

  30. Yonnhy Perez by UD

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