EsNewsReporting Giveaway: Mikey Garcia Signed Picture
June 3, 2011 Fan Corner

On June 4th , boxing star Mikey Garcia (25-0 with 21 KO’s) will get in the ring at Staples Center, in Los Angeles,  to face Rafael Guzman (28-2 with 20 KO’s).  In this EsNewsReporting Giveaway, we challenge you to predict who will win the fight and get a chance to win a signed picture of Mikey.


1. Submit your prediction. How many rounds will the fight go and who wins. If you think the fight will go to decision , say that. Leave your take as a comment to this post.

2. Everyone who guesses correctly or comes close to the actual results will be entered into a raffle.

3.The winner of the raffle will win a picture signed by Mikey Garcia.

4. Good Luck!

5) While you’re at it, take our Boxing Poll. It’s on the right side of your screen.


"32" Comments
  1. Garcia to win in 9th by round stoppage.

  2. Mikey Garcia wins by UD. Dominates the fight.

  3. Mikey Garcia wins on 8th round by tko

  4. Garcia wins 5th round tko

  5. Garcia wins : in 2nd round TKO

  6. Mikey Garcia Wins in 6th round by TKO

  7. Mikey Garcia by TKO 6th Round

  8. Mikey Garcia TKO 6th round

  9. Mikey Garcia TKO 6th round

  10. Mikey Garcia round 7 TKO victory !

  11. Roberto G. (Riverside, CA)

    This is a big fight for both guys. Guzman is no push over;(28-2 with 20 KOs). He’s got KO power just like Mikey and he’s fighting to win. Mikey has a beautiful jab and he is the smarter fighter and true professional. I belive Guzman is going to come hard and for the KO. And because of that, Mikey is going to win by TKO in the 9th.

  12. Garcia TKO in the 4th

  13. KO round two Mikey Garcia C’mon Mikey

  14. Mikey by UD with 2 knockdowns. If something else happens i will say tko by round 8 garcia

  15. Garcia KO early to mid rounds.

  16. Mikey 5th Round Knock Out/TKO

  17. Emmanuel Magana (manny being manny)

    12 rounds for mikey….im guessing 1 knockdown in the fight….give a shoutout to mikey and the robert garcia team for me elie…

  18. Emmanuel Sanchez

    Garcia 6th roud KO

  19. Rene Hernandez

    Mikey Garcia tko 6th round.

  20. Mikey 4 round TKO

  21. Garcia will win by KO. Probably in the middle/late rounds. Maybe about 6-8 rounds.

  22. Jonathan Garcia

    Mikey Garcia by 4th round KO

  23. Garcia KO3

  24. Bryant Vazquez

    Win via TKO round 7, Mikey Garcia all the way.

  25. Mikey by 8rd tko !!!

  26. Mikey by k.o round 3

  27. Mikey Garcia, TKO, Round 5

  28. Mikey to win by decision

  29. I pick Mikey by decision over 12 rounds.

  30. Gilberto Perez

    Mikey Garcia will win via TKO round 7.

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