Evander Holyfiled Helping The Victims Of Typhoon Pablo

Typhoon Pablo in Mindanao, Philippines, has left a lot of people in a dire situation, with need for food and shelter. Among various local organizations helping people cope and get through this disaster, Muhammad Ali founded Global Village Champion Foundation ambassador Evander Holyfield flew in as well, in order to do his part for the people.

“We have to feed the hungry,” said Holyfield.

It shouldn’t matter how productive Holyfield’s efforts will be, but the fact that he took the time to offers his services is already an admirable thing.

Of course Manny Pacquiao would also be involved in such a relief effort, but was preparing for his upcoming bout again Juan Manuel Marquez at the time.

“We will get together to help the people and show that we do more than fight,” stated Holyfield, expecting that Pacquiao’s first task after the fight would be to get to the Philippines as soon as possible and help restore the damaged area.

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