Fans In Vegas Boxing Is Rigged
June 10, 2012 Boxing News

Boxing fans in Las Vegas were upset when Bradley got the win over Manny Pacquiao.

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  1. Only people who think Bradley one are flomos or racists. Take your pick. Disgusting, I’ve been following boxing my entire life and I know how to score fights and this one wasn’t close at all. Bradley showed poor head movement and was being tagged by lefts all night long. All the boxing experts also had Pacquiao winning by wide-margins. Teddy Atlas who is a great scorer at fights had Pacquiao winning this fight easily. Andre Ward who fought Timothy Bradley in the amateurs had Manny winning this fight easily.

    Timothy Bradley and Bob Arum need to get the hell out of our sport. I’m sick of people saying Bradley isn’t to blame because Bradley knows he lost. He should have never accepted that belt, but Bradley only cares about money not honor. This sport makes me sick to my stomach because this isn’t the only robbery that happened, but this one will get more attention than other ones.

    LOL, at Bob Arum playing the victim saying that he thought Manny dominated Bradley too. Bob Arum wants to keep the money in the house, he isn’t fooling anyone.

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