Fans Outraged Over Matthysse vs Alexander
June 26, 2011 Boxing News

It spread like a wildfire, Lucas Matthysse’s loss to Devon Alexander. What do you think should be done about the loss?[youtube][/youtube]

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  1. Brutal decision!! Criminal! I feel for Mathysse!

  2. Lucas won fair and square and i was actually going for devon but nah lucas won the fight no doubt.

  3. How about this?
    ** Do not allow championship belt fights to be held on the home turf of either fighter.**
    I’m one of the many who thinks Matthysse won. When he lost, I couldn’t help but think about the past questionable ‘decision’ loss(s) of Sergio Martinez.
    After all, it was Team Maravilla (Pablo, Cicilio) that was in Matthysse’s corner. Sure hope that Matthysse doesn’t have to fight so hard out of the ring just to be treated fairly inside the ring…. again like Martinez..
    Maybe I’m wrong ….but….. I wish Matthysse well, and of course, Sergio!
    Gramma McClain from Connecticut

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