Fes Batista: From Race Hate Victim to the Mayweather Boxing Gym

Fes Batista

Every so often boxing throws up a feel good narrative – the story behind Mayweather Boxing Gym‘s latest must see attraction, Fes Batista, certainly represents such a case. Batista was bullied & harassed by perpetrators of racial hatred in his native Britain – even considering suicide – as recently as only a few years ago.

He rallied & through his talent for boxing & desire to succeed as a fighter has managed to dramatically alter his life trajectory & is now seen as a hot prospect from both a sporting & marketing perspective as boxing seeks out the next Amir Khan/Prince Naz Asian-British superstar. One can not help but wish this fine young man well & salute his dedicated power of will to overcome race hate & bigotry.

Should the story of the Huddersfield 140lber inspire you why not check out his 1,500+ strong Facebook fan page; or add him on Twitter.

ESNewsReporting.com featured news of Batista’s arrival & welcome from Roger Mayweather back in 2011:

More on the self-described LasVegas MoNs†eR:

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