Fight Updates: Martinez Wins! Cotto Wins! What Did You Think?
March 12, 2011 Boxing News

Update: Cotto wins fight with 40 seconds to go in the 12th. Mayorga tells ref there’s something
wrong with his hand. Ref stops the fight. Fights break out in the crowd. Lots of craziness!
Looks like Mayorga has a dislocated thumb. Mayorga did a lot of trash talking through out the fight.

Btw: Margartio was at the fight. The crowd booed him.

Update: Insane crowd energy in 11th. Cotto wins the round.
Update: Cotto wins 10th.

Update: Crowd definitely entertained by the Cotto vs Mayorga fight.  Round 9: Goes to Mayorga.

Update: Dzinziruk  knocked down in 8th. Sergio wins! Dzinziruk knocked 5  times, ref stops

Update: Cotto vs Mayorga in the 6th round. Cotto seems to be taking all of them.
Martinez vs Dzinziruk: End of 7th round. Dzinziruk winning 7th, Martinez wins the rest.

Update: Martinez vs Dzinziruk : Round 4:  Martinez knocks down Dzinziruk for less than
a second. Dzinziruk bounces back quickly. Martinez landing 41 % of his shots.
Cotto vs Mayorga : Round 3 underway. Rounds 1 and 2 went to Cotto.

Update: Martinez vs Dzinziruk : Round 2
Cotto vs Mayorga : Round 2 , Round 1 goes to Cotto

Update: Martinez vs Dzinziruk in the ring.
Cotto vs Mayor in the ring

Update: Stunning Upset. Andy Lee  KO’s McEwan  in the 10th.

Yuri Foreman Vs Pawel Wolak :  Wolak wins in the 6th. Foremans corner stops fight before 7.
Now ready for Cotto vs. Mayorga .

 HBO Craig McEwan looking good against Andy Lee. Round 7 underway.

What do you guys think?

Cotto vs Mayorg ready to fight

Yuri Foreman

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