Fight Music

Ring Entrance Music

10. Chris Eubank – Simply the Best, Tina Turner.

9. Vernon Forrest (RIP) – Welcome to Atlanta, Featuring Ludacris – Jermaine Dupri.

8. Shannon Briggs – Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye.

7. Riddick Bowe – In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins.

6. Arturo Gatti – Thunderstruck, AC/DC.

5. Prince Naseem Hamed – Thriller, Micheal Jackson.

4. Floyd Mayweather Junior – Straight to the Bank (correction: Thanks Meji O), 50 Cent.

3. Manny Pacquiao – (unknown song title), Manny Pacquiao.

2. Ricky Hatton – Blue Moon

1. Bernard Hopkins – My Way, originally by Frank Sinatra (no idea who the dude singing it live is).

Bernard Hopkins “My Way”

And now, the fight is here

And so he faces the final curtain

My friends, you all came here

To celebrate this great occasion

He boxed his whole life through

Has many wins and so few losses

With all his might, he’ll win this fight

He’ll do it, he’ll do it his way.

Bernard, it’s up to you

You know how to do to win this match

You punch to the left, shot to his nose

And down he goes, what a sensation!

It’s a fact, he’s not coming back

He’s got to the count, and the ref counts him out

It’s a TKO, and here we go

He’ll do it, he’s gonna do it his way!

Yes there were times when Bernard knew

When he bit off more than he could chew

But through it all, when there was doubt

He stepped in the ring and knocked them out

He faced them all and still stands tall

And did it, and did it his way!

There is tonight this special fight

He’ll jab and punch with all his might

He’ll show the world, he’s number one

You’d better look out, ‘cuz here he comes

The record shows he throws the blows

And does it, does it his way!

The record shows he throws the blows

And does it his way!!!

Matt Hamilton, for ESNews Reporting!

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