Filipino Fans Mad At Jim Lampley
December 14, 2012 Boxing News

Many fans were mad at Jim Lampley who after the Marquez win over Pacquiao said this: “The tsunami that hit the Philippines was just replicated by Marquez.”

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  1. I am a Filipino and I love pacman. But I think for pinoys to hate beiber or lampley for some comment or tweet is ridiculous! If it was the other way around, they’d be doing the same shit. SO GET OVER IT! PAC lost to a good fighter. I haven’t lost respect for pacman, he has done so much for the sport and his country. Either he hangs his gloves for good or redeem himself by fighting mayweather or JMM, hopefully beating them, then call it quits. For the legions of PAC fans and the pinoys, STOP being a sore loser!!!

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