Floyd Mayweather A Champion With Heart

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather (42-0 26 KOs) is a fighter with a heart of gold. Just last week David Levi, who is part of the Money Team attended a Fight Night charity fundraiser put on by a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Organization.

Levi, a former fighter with UNLV, was there to coach one of the fighters in the main event and was told the event was to raise money for Austin York, a 11 month old baby whose family needed help with the medical bills.

Austin York has a rare heart abnormality and had a massive hospital bill from major sugeries that saved his life.  He had surgery within the first week of his life, and another a few months later. When Floyd Mayweather heard about this he kicked into gear and was there for the family, helping them with the bills like a true champ would do.