Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mad At 50 Cent?

He has more than 4 million followers on Twitter, and Rapper 50 Cent is not shy to tweet what’s on his mind. First he angered millions of Manny Pacquiao fans by saying he’s on steroids, and now his good friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be mad at him. In a tweet about Pacquiao, 50 Cent said :

“If anybody that’s following me think that Steroid Pacquiao with 3 losses can beat are 41-0 American champ @FloydMayweather stop following me.”

Now, it appears a recent joke played on Mayweather Jr. may have backfired. It all started when 50 Cent tweeted an explicit picture of some woman to Mayweather. Mayweather who’s engaged, got very mad because on his fiance’s twitter feed, it looked like she sent the picture. The incident infuriated Mayweather. Here’s are some of 50 Cent’s tweets , related to the incident.

“I just got off the phone with Floyd Mayweather he said he ain’t my friend no more cause I’m crazy. His old lady Mad they saying its her”

“I said I don’t care he always get mad at me. LMAO he gonna call back after he calm down. ms.jackson said he shouldn’t have had it.”