Floyd Mayweather Jr. Might Announce His Next Fight Next Week

Dear friends, boxing fans, and the rest of the world, the time has come again, when we are just a week or so away from the announcement on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s next move.

According to Richard Schaefer, he has been in contact with Team Mayweather about making a fight against Guerrero, and the promoter said that we could know next week about whom and when Floyd will fight next.

Looks like Floyd’s line-up of possible opponents include Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez and even Miguel Cotto in a rematch.

I am assuming that Manny Pacquiao is not in the running, meaning that if Mayweather Jr. fights his next fight around May of 2013, we might be lucky and live to see Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao in late 2013, or possibly mid 2014. This is definitely bad news for the proposed and much delayed mega-fight, but at least both fighter are in the ring.

No matter who Floyd chooses, still Pacquiao is in for a much harder fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. Nevertheless, if Manny and Floyd are both successful, it would it much easier to renegotiate and plan on them fighting sometime before 2025.


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