Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Argument Leads to a Shooting Via Witnesses and Video Surveilence

It seems that the name Mayweather Jr. and legal trouble are lately closely intertwined.

In recent reports, a man that claimed he was only defending Floyd Mayweather Jr. has now been sentenced to prison for two to five years for firing a weapon at two men.

According to a recent BoxingScene article, the 30-year-old Ocie Harris, who claims to be an associate of Floyd Mayweather Jr., says that he was only protecting Floyd from the men that were arguing with the champion at a Las Vegas skating rink.

According to the local police, this all started with one of the men, Quincey Williams, texting Floyd Mayweather Jr. saying he hopes that Floyd loses his upcoming bout against  Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather Jr. stated that he has no connection to, or knowledge of who Mr. Harris was, and has never been involved in such an incident.

Unfortunately for Floyd, the authorities have witnesses as well as surveillance videos showing that this was indeed something that Mayweather Jr. was a part of, proving that he has lied in his denial of such events. As a matter of fact, records proving such an argument were seized from Mayweather Jr.’s own home during a search warrant.

Of course blaming Floyd for trying to avoid the truth, and the limitless negative publicity that would swallow him whole if this went big, is something no one can do. This doesn’t necessarily get Mayweather Jr. in any kind of legal trouble, as getting into an argument is by all means a very legal thing to do. Shooting at people is something very different, but since Floyd never did such thing, he is off the hook.

Having said that, things like this makes one wonder about the kind of people that the world boxing sensation is surrounding himself with. Bad influence catches on, and it doesn’t take long for people to try and blend in. But just like anyone else, just like any other sports superstar, there are too many skeletons in the closet to hide, and from time to time they will show themselves. For famous people things are far more difficult, as there are various individuals all over the place trying to let those skeletons out for self-serving benefits.