Floyd Mayweather Jr. Signs With Showtime. What Does This Mean For Us?

As always, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. doesn’t cease to surprise and surpass.

Most of us weren’t sure whether Mayweather Jr. was going to actually pick Robert Guerrero as his next opponent, but now, not only is Guerrero getting the opportunity of a lifetime, we will have to watch this fight on Showtime PPV.

I did not believe my eyes when reading and my ears where hearing about this news, for it seemed like Mayweather Jr. and HBO were connected at the hip, forever in a joint and prosperous union.

I can only assume that Mayweather Jr. had made the right choice, as he is definitely a much better boxer/businessman than anyone else in the world of sports. Logic dictates that he will be making a lot more money, getting the higher cuts, and playing by his own rules.

So what does this new deal mean for the boxing fans? Aside from the likelihood that Mayweather Jr. will fight a lot more often (up to six fights over the next 30 months as reported), but also a very different approach to the marketing of the fights.

There will be no more HBO 24/7 with Floyd’s name attached to it. Instead it will be the Showtime Fight Camp 360, which will instantly gain ground, and experience a surge in popularity as well as quality due to Mayweather’s participation.

I don’t know if Showtime will be the right thing for Floyd as well as the boxing fans down the line, but I am curious to see how they do and what new tricks they will think of to convince the crowd to spend on the PPV events

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