Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Devon Alexander: Real or Just A Distraction ?

“The negotiations for my fight are almost done. The front runner is IBF champion Devon Alexander. It’d be a unification bout at welterweight.” Tweeted Floyd Mayweather Jr. this very morning.

Is Devon Alexander really the front-runner or is Floyd trying to steer the fans away from the real announcement with a different (more exciting) opponent?

Don’t get me wrong, Alexander is a champion and a good one at that, but with a record of (24-1-0) including a loss to Timothy Bradley in 2011, it simply doesn’t fit with Mayweather Jr. as his opponent on paper.

If this is indeed the case, Mayweather Jr. has some explaining to do. Picking Alexander is simply a low move towards his true fans. Of course there would be a considerable amount of build-up and marketing done for this fight, and the seats would sell as well as the PPV buys, but the fight itself would have absolutely no meaning, and that extra victory on Floyd’s resume would be a very transparent instead of a solid one.

Personally, I think that Floyd is using this as a ploy, a way to get a bigger bang out of his real announcement. I have seen this done before, and with Floyd’s secretive ways it would not surprise me at all. In general, before we have an official announcement of any of Floyd’s fights, the rumor mill goes through a half a dozen of various possible challenges. Thus far we have heard the names Timothy Bradley, Canelo, Cotto II, Robert Guerrero, and now Devon Alexander.

If this fight against Alexander goes through, it will be a bad decision for both. For Mayweather Jr. it would spell a tremendous loss of respect of boxing fans, and certainly a loss of many of his army of Money Mayweather fans. His reputation will also be heavily damaged for making this choice and fighting an opponent that poses very little threat.

For Alexander, aside from getting the biggest paycheck of his career and having the name of Floyd Mayweather Jr. on his record, this could be a hard loss to swallow. If the fight goes the way I see it, Alexander will be put to shame and made look like a low grade sparring partner again Floyd. That is unless Floyd feels that he needs to give Alexander the room to throw some punches and not look completely noncompetitive.

I can see why Alexander may want this fight and agree to any terms to get it signed, but why would Floyd’s team think that this would be a good idea?


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