Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Robert Guerrero Photo Shoot Video, Floyd Talks Agressive
March 7, 2013 Boxing History

And it begins!


In the linked video, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero meet face-to-face for the photo shoot, and as expected Floyd get’s right in Guerrero’s face, letting him know who the top dog is

Mayweather Jr. keep on saying that “this is going to get real,” hinting that Guerrero is too green to face Floyd, and that he better be ready to face a loss.

Guerreo was staying calm and relaxed, answering back but in a very passive fashion.

Mayweather Jr. will bring entertainment to this fight, we can count on that, but will Guerrero play along, or will he stay a passive fighter hoping to get through the media storm without acting against this own best judgment?


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