Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero Rd By Rd Updates

Floydf Mayweather Jr. vs Robert Guerrero rd by rd

Based on the energy in the crowd, there is a tremendous amount to support for Guerrero tonight. The crowd grows wild as Robert enters the ring.

Lil Wayne and Mayweather Jr. are making an entrance. The crowd is thundering making colossal amount of noise. It is clear who the local favorite is.

Round 1: FM J looks quick as always. RB fights inside a clinch. Another clinch. RB is pushing the action. FMJ lands a jab. FMJ lands a right.

Round 2: Long clinch. RB working the clinch. Right by RB. FM lands a jab. Right to the body by RG. FMJ lands a punch right at the bell.

Round 3: FMJ lands a right. Another clinch. FM showing amazing menuvering. Fight by FM. Hook by RG. Right by FM. Another right by FM.

Round 4: FM getting very comfortable. Moving a lot. Left by RG. FM with a right. Crowd is going wild. FM lands a jab. Right by FM. Those rights keep coming. Left to the body by RG. Rounter right hook by FM.

Round 5: Left by RG. Right by FM. Jab by FM. Right by FM. Left to the body by RG. RG lands a jab. FM lands another right. Another right.

Round 6: RG throws a combo, all blocked. Jab by FM. Right by RG. Right by FM. RG is coming foward. Jab lands by FM. Right by FM, stopping RG from coming forward.

Round 7: RG coming forward. Cannot catch FM. FM fights out of the corner. Looks like Mayweather Jr. has leanred his opponent. Landing more and more. RG working the bofdy in the clinch, ref pulls him away. Another clinch. Combo by FM. Right by FM.

Round 8: RG looks cut. Face looking bloody. FM landing body shots. Right by FM. Jab by RG lands. Right to the body by FM. Left and right by FM. FM is amazingly accurate. Anothe right to the body by FM. 1-2 by Maywetherr. Another right by FM. RG looks rocked. Bell saves RG.

Round 9: RG working the body in thge clinch. RG left connects. Lef to the body by RG. Right by FM. Right hook by FM. FM defense is unparalleled. RG putting on the pressure. Left hook by FM. Right by RG. FM lands a right. Action packed round.

Round 10: RG staying busy. FM lands a right. Left hook by FM. Left to the bofdy by RG. 61% of power shots thus far landed by FM. Amazing. FM lands jabs. RG keeps throwing but everything is getting blocked.

Round 11: Right by FM. RG fight inside a clinch. RG looking tired. Right by FM. Right and left by FM. Right by FM. RG lands a right. Right and left by FM. Thus far RG landing at 20%.

Final Round: RG is chaing FM, hoping for something solid. 1-2 by FM. FM’s defense is simply mind blowing. FM ladning combos on the inside,. FM looking at the time it appears. Left hook by FM. Waiting for the scores. AMAZING FIGHT!

Ruben Guerrero is yelling “I thought we were going to go toe-to-toe.”

Scores by U.D. 117-111 all three with the same socres for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. “He is a true warrior. I take my hat off to Robert Guerrero.” “Im back working with my father. The less you get hit in the sport the longer you last.” “If the KO comes, take it. I was looking for it, but I hurt my right hand.” “I hurt my  hand midway throught the fight. I told my father. It’s swollen.” “We got 5 more to go, let’s do it!” “We dont know who we are going to fight right now.”

Robert Guerrero: “He was barely slipping by the punches. He is a grea figter, he is slick and quick. He was on his game tonight.” “Im going to keep fighting. Hopefully before FM retires I will get that shot again.”