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Mayweather vs Castillo

Mayweather vs Castillo: Clear Castillo win to the mind of Harold Lederman.


  • Floyd Mayweather wins Ring Magazine Lightweight Championship.
  • Mayweather won early rounds with jab by keeping action on the outside.
  • Castillo dominated late as he outworked Mayweather to the body.
  • HBO’s Harold Lederman had Castillo winning 115-111.
  • AP had Mayweather winning 115-111.
  • ESPN scored the bout a draw.
mayweather vs castillo

Mayweather vs Castillo: Mayweather landed 66 power punches to Castillo’s 173.

Jabs Castillo Mayweather
Landed 30 91
Thrown 129 297
Percent 23% 31%
Power Shots Castillo Mayweather
Landed 173 66
Thrown 377 151
Percent 46% 44%
Total Castillo Mayweather
Landed 203 157
Thrown 506 448
Percent 40% 35%


Castillo vs. Mayweather I

Castillo started slow & Mayweather capitalized on it winning the early rounds. The Mexican fighter had more success in the middle rounds, cutting off the ring and utilizing his greater strength to break down the vaunted Mayweather defense.

Castillo was penalized a point for persistent hitting on the break. Compubox statistics indicated that Castillo landed more overall punches and significantly more power shots over the course of the fight. In the lead up to the fight, Mayweather had injured his rotator cuff in his left shoulder, which constricted his performance significantly. Judges Jerry Roth and John Keane scored it 115-111, whilst Anek Hongtongkam scored it 116-111. The New York Daily News scorecard also had Mayweather winning, 116-112.

The highest volume of average punches landed per round vs. Mayweather ever: 17 – achieved by Jose Luis Castillo, in this first fight. It’s the only fight to date in which Mayweather has been out-landed (203-157). Castillo landed 46% of his power shots.

Total Punches Landed vs. Floyd Mayweather

Castillo I 203

Castillo II 137

Cotto 105

Mosley 92

Hatton (through 10) 63

De La Hoya 122

Baldomir 79

Judah 82


Matt Hamilton for ESNewsReporting!